Hey! Could someone help me with really basic things please? I'm stuck :/

it’s just about matching photo, export, shadows…

Thank you!

Lots of us are here to help, but you need to ask a specific question first!


okay, thanks! first of all i just want to put some furniture in a picture, (i already googled a few things) so i photo matched the background, but i dont want to model/trace the room, i just get the dimensions. Then i added a few models/furnitures, put them on place and i want to export this to photoshop.

I have a few problems with it tho. Can i save it with the original, imported background, it’s always just the models+ transparent background, and i have to add the picture in photoshop again.

How could i fix the shadows? Lower opacity and they’re not even in their place (~20 cm away from the leg of the chair for example)

Whats the best way to export it to photoshop? 3d .obj/.dae?

Thanks again guys!

Check this:

Thanks for the answer, but that’s not really what i’m looking for :confused:

The PhotoMatch background is visible only in the scene you created with the PhotoMatch function. If you change your view it won’t show.
Also, in your style settings, Modeling section, turn off Foreground Photo to prevent the matched photo from covering up your added objects.
Use a raster image format to transfer to Photoshop. The SketchUp PDF or EPS export is vector only, so your background photo won’t be exported.
(Taking a wild guess as to what your actual question might be)

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Thanks, this was pretty helpful!

https://imgur.com/a/cJxOsGF - I’m pretty close, but the shadow is solid grey and there’s a distance between the model. How could i fix this?

Your chair is floating above the z-0 axis which SketchUp considers the “floor” for shadows. Move it down.

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got it, thank you! How could i fix my shadow?

You guys are awesome :slight_smile:

The shadow is cast on the SketchUp “virtual ground plane” and your objects are flying in the air above it. The ground plane isn’t actual geometry so it cannot be textured. Therefore the shadow is grey. You would have to place an actual “floor” in your model and texture it with the tiles from the PhotoMatch background.

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In the shadows window move the dark slider toward 0.

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it makes my model too dark too

When i export it as a 3d object to Photoshop, the shadow looks realistic, i can’t get that look in Sketchup?