Losing colors when rendering with LightUp plug in?

I’m using the plug in LightUp and when I render the file some, not all, of the elements are losing their color and turning white - has anyone seen this?

here is a screen shot:

ok here is screen shot. I can only post one b/c i am new here

You need to upload the screen shot. DO that with the 7th button from the right above the text window when you edit the post.

Perhaps you could post a screen shot of your SketchUp model in Monochrome face style, too. Is it possible you have exposed reversed faces?

here is that same view before rendering it in LightUp

It is the Monochrome view we need to see.
Go View/Face style/ Monochrome and if the problematic faces are showing as a Bluish gray colour then you have faces reversed.
Many renderers ignore back faces.
Your model should look all white in monochrome, assuming you have the default face colours.

here is that view in monochrome

are the ‘missing’ materials applied to the surfaces or to the ‘group’ containing them?


the cameras are not part of a group other than the group that makes them up, the drape, color on column behind camera, etc. are part of a group of objects making up the main components of the room (walls, columns, drape, etc.) Do you think grouping is possibly the issue?

other elements I can’t show (client logos on main set) are extruded objects i imported at .dwg files and then extruded. Those are only showing up as white as well.

You missed John’s question. Did you apply the materials to the group wrappers or to the faces inside the groups?

I can see at least one reversed face in your monochrome view. The blue faces are reversed. You should correct those.

do a simple test in another drawing…

make a cube, move a copy, paint one then make it a group, make the second a group and then paint it…

does LightUp see them the same?