Make 2017 download fails

Sketchup Make 2017 will not download for me, whenever it finishes extracting installer. It says “An error occurred in pre-boot strapper (could not run setup.exe)”. Is there any fix to this?
Screenshot 2021-06-13 163723

How are you downloading it?
Download by Right click, Run as administrator should work

That isn’t correct, you cannot download as Admin, you are mixing things up.
Once downloaded you right click on the downloaded .exe and choose Run as Admin.

There are various threads on bootstrap error issues, a search should find you some solutions.

@TtlyYrreb try to download again…
SketchUp’s offcial download links under:
When downloaded you get the following file:
WIN: sketchupmake-2017-2-2555-90782-en-x64.exe


I’m not sure why you have said that you couldn’t run the SETUP.EXE?

I can see that the setup.exe file is inside the downloaded sketchupmake-2017-2-2555-90782-en-x64.exe but, you need to run/execute the downloaded file only - don’t unzip the file to get into the setup.exe file.


Sorry… you said that it’s the ‘pre-boot strapper’ which couldn’t run the setup.exe…
Is the new download fine?

That’s what I meant sorry if I wasn’t clear

I tried running as administrator, doesnt work

i used the same link to download it last time but ill try.

As @BiMUp said, are you unzipping the installer?
If so, don’t. Just run the whole thing.

i am not

Hmm okay.
So you open the installer? Then what?

it extracts the installer, then when it’s done the error shows up

Does it fail straight away? Or get (say) half way in then fail?

it finishes extracting then the error shows up



Can you post a screen recording?
(press Win+G and there’s a record button in the top corner)

ok wait a minute or so then

No worries. If I dissappear I might have left as I have stuff to do but I’ll try and stay.

oh wait it doesnt record whats going on

I can see it

cause it only shows the browser