Lost animator

I am new to SketchUp 2017 Make and animator. Initially was able to download it. I was trying to figure out how to delete the animation data and deleted the plug-in all together. Now I’m trying to redownload it with no success. Powerful tool excited to continue learning about it.

Are you referring to Animator by Fredo6? You can get that at Sketchucation.

yes, it is an amazing tool exactly what I need. unfortunately I deleted the menu window and I can’t seem to reload it.

I need to document better what I do so I can duplicate later on.

It is listed in my extension manager and it shows it to be enabled. can’t find it

Maybe it would be useful to go through the documentation on it.

I have Looked at the documentation the tutorials are helpful. I’m getting better at it But I don’t think that will help me with this problem. .the extension manager usualy shows an “install extension” button that I would select and that would download the extension to SketchUp, the button is not there.

You don’t see the red Install Extension button at the bottom of Extension Manager?

That would imply an issue with your SketchUp installation. When you installed SketchUp did you right click on the downloaded installer file and choose Run as administrator from the context menu?

Hold the fort, found it sort of, when I go into “tools” then “Fredo6 collection” then say “clip editor” It will not display in SketchUp.

I think I’ve deleted the animator menu window. it is installed but it’s not visible to me!

Try reinstalling it and then, as indicated in the instructions, shut Sketchup down completely and restart it.

Figured it out, I had deselected it in “view” then “toolbar”. I used to be very proficient with CATIA So this is difficult to start all over again but I am very appreciative for everyone’s help.

Spoke too soon, now all I have is the menu. I think you’re correct I need to reinstall it. having said that I can see it in my Download folder but I still don’t have the Extension manager “install extension” button

You never answered my question.

i did not, “downloaded installer file”?

Is that what initially comes up when you open SketchUp

You had to have downloaded the Sketchup installer or you couldn’t have installed Sketchup on your computer. To correctly install SketchUp on Windows machines you must right click on that downloaded installer file and select Run as administrator from the context menu. From this conversation I’m thinking it is safe to assume you didn’t do that.

Before you do anything else, close SketchUp and go to the Downloads folder on your computer. Find the Sketchup 2017 Make installer, right click on it, and choose Run as administrator. Then when you are presented with the options, choose Repair. After the installer completes the repair, turn the computer completely off and boot it up again.

Are you sure you are looking at Extension Manager, not Extension Warehouse?


Okay, I did to repair. thank you I will store that info for future use. should I delete animator and reinstall it?

Just try installing it. Make sure you have downloaded a fresh copy of it and LibFredo6 from Sketchucation.