Blank Extension Menus / Toolbars

I reinstalled some extensions and after that the extension menu was not visible as a red mark. For normal display as a blue chart.

I looked for a similar solution but didn’t find one. Can anyone help me?
I’m stuck on solving this problem.

Update those extensions from Sketchucation. Also update LibFredo6 and the Sketchucation Extension Store tool.

What version of SketchUp are you really using? You indicated Free Plan 2018 in your forum profile but there is no such version and there never has been.

I just created an account for the community and I usually use the trimble web version.

I didn’t know how to fill out the form correctly so I just filled in the free plan but I used the 2018.

Unless you are using a cracked version of SketchUp 2018 you would be using the Pro version and it isn’t free. Please correct your forum profile. Of course you aren’t using a cracked version of SketchUp, right?

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Get a copy idk if it’s cracked version or not, should I use the latest Sketchucation lib and LibFredo6 lib for 2018?

What does this mean?

Yes. You must use the latest versions of the Sketchucation Extension Store, LibFredo6, and any of Fredo6’s extension you need such as Round Corner.

Install the Sketchucation Extension Store first. The restart SketchUp and use the Sketchucation Extension Store to search for and install Fredo6’s tools.

I tried these instructions, hopefully the display will return to normal and my stuck be solved soon

Did you pay for it? There are not free desktop versions beyond 2017.

After installing Fredo’s extensions, you must also restart SketchUp before trying to use them.

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