Cant' seem to load plugins from

Hello, I want to install this plugin, but when I search for it within SU, I am taken to the Skethucation site…

I downloaded it, then uploaded it to SU via the Extensions tab… I signed it and turned it as per usual,

but no new extension appeared in Extensions tab, so I restarted SU…

Got this message showed upon restarting SU:


Any ideas?

You also need to install libfredo6. You can get it from Sketchucation, too. This was explained where you downloaded the fredoscale.


That worked, but in “X-ing” out of them, it appears I have lost them forever (although they still appear in the extension list, but I cannot re-load them)…
Related question:
How do I get extensions to show up under the Extensions tab ? (Only about 4 of them are available from this tab).


Not all extensions show up in the Extension menu. Look in the other menus. As for the Toolbars, go to View>Toolbars and turn them on.

Fredo6, in particular, puts his tools onto the Tools menu as submenus “Fredo Tools” and “Fredo6 Collection” depending on which tools you have installed. He also has toolbars you can set to visible.

Thanks everyone! That seems to have worked!
Thanks again.

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