Uploading extensions from Sketchucation

I just purchased the Fredo6 Bundle from Sketchucation. When I go to upload each extension in the Extension Manager I am not seeing any of the Fredo 6 extension I have purchased in the downloads file. I tried to cut a paste the extensions into Documents but still unable to access. I uploaded the same Fredo6 bundle last year without any problems.

Fredo 6 Bundle     Downloads

You need to install the required LibFredo6 and Sketchucation ExtensionStore tool as well. You should install the SCF ExtensionStore first and use it to install LibFredo6 and the extensions for which you purchased licenses.

That’s not how you add the licenses. Once you have the required extensions installed including LibFredo6 and the SCF ExtensionStore, Go to the menu item for the extension and choose License. Click on Activate License and navigate to where you saved the license file to select it.

Hi Dave

Thanks for the response. I was making a very simple and some what embarrising mistake in not uploading the extension instead of the license. I will chalk it up to getting older.

Thanks again.

Still make sure you download and install the Sketchucation ExtensionStore extension. Then use it to install LibFredo6 and the other Fredo6 extensions for which you purchased licenses.

See attached screen shot. Is there an Sketchucation extension you need to install into Sketchup.

I joined the Sketchucation Store.

Sketchucation Extension Store

Hi Dave

I found the Sketchucation Extension. All is good. Thanks again and have a good night.

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