Unable to upload Fredo 6


I had to re install Sketchup and now re install the plugin’s I use. For some reason I am unable to re install Fredo 6. Sketchucations seems to think this is on my end or the computer I am using. Very hard to get hold of anyone at Microsoft to check if my system is working. I use Windows 10… Can anyone shed some light on what issues it could be from preventing me from up loading the plugin. As per attachements when I click on the green license tab it does not allow the typical upload using the extension manager. Hope that makes sense. I have paid my account for Fredo 6 for the year.


Screenshot 2023-08-17 093059
Screenshot 2023-08-17 093126

That is only the license file that is downloaded.

Have you downloaded the correct extension file (RBZ)?

Fredo’s licenses are perpetual.

You must have installed the latest version of the sketchucation plugin store to be able to install Fredo’s extensions.