Extensions are not showing their menu

This is what happens when I ran Fredo tools. The same thing happens with Curviloft, toposhaper, roundcorner. The menu to use the plugin is completely blank makes it really hard to use the plugin

hmmm, check if libfredo is up to date, and eventually, reinstall it. Last I’ve had a similar issue, my extensions had updated but not the lib.

Not long ago many of Fredo6’s extensions changed to licensed for a price. Have you gotten licenses for them?

Thanks mate! Reinstalling it worked

i installed skelion but in extension its show unsigned .how i resolved this issue

You could search for ‘unsigned’ in the forum and find out what it is about.

You can’t solve it, if a plugin is unsigned it means that the developer hasn’t done it, but you can use the extensions that are unsigned without any issues as long as they’re compatible with your OS and sketchup version, there are even extensions that when you try to install a message pops up saying that the extension isn’t compatible with the sketchup version, but most of the extension that haven’t been updated still work with the latest version, maybe the developers haven’t marked as compatible but they are.

thanx my Dear

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