Extension Not Appearing After Install

I’ve installed libFredo6 and Fredo6: Animator, and they’re both showing up in my extensions manager as fully updated. However, there is no extensions dropdown appearing and I cannot figure out how to get the animator working. The download page on Sketchucation says to use Tools > Fredo6 Collection > Animator but Fred6 Collection is not showing up in my tools. Does anybody know how to fix this?

In which order did you install LibFredo6 an Animator? Maybe try shutting SketchUp down and then restarting it will take care of the problem. FWIW, I just installed Animator–already had LibFredo6 installed–and the toolbar appeared automatically.

Dave, you’re obviously typing much faster than me :joy:

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I just started sooner. :wink:

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I guess the issue was installation in the wrong, order, as I uninstalled Animator and then reinstalled it, the restarted SU, and it’s working. Thanks a bunch!

Glad it’s working now. Uninstalling Animator was likely not necessary. Simply restarting SketchUp would probably have been enough.

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I have this issue, though restarting sketchup does not resolve this problem? I also tried uninstalling and re-installing

Have you also installed LibFredo [as directed in the installation instructions] ?
After installing both you need to restart SketchUp to sync everything…

If it’s still FUBAR then perhaps you haven’t installed SketchUp properly /
To try and fix this…
Close SketchUp.
Find the SketchUp installer’s exe file - usually in your Downloads folder.
Select the installer’s exe file’s icon, right-click > context-menu > “Run as administrator”
When prompted choose “Repair” [for a totally fresh install choose “Install”]
After it completes, restart SketchUp…
Installing any complex Windows app in any other way can result in weird and unpredictable problems - often relating to permissions.
Never install by double-clicking the installer’s exe file to ‘Run’ it ! Even if your are the admin it is NOT the same…

If it’s still flaky it might be a rare Windows-user-account corruption issue - there’s guidance about that in other threads…

yes, i am able to install othether fredo tools such as curviloft and curvizard - the windows appear even after installation. And yes, sketchup has been installed via “run as administrator”

The recent 2021.1.1 update did fix a similar issue to this old one. You could check in the Help menu to see if there is an update for SketchUp.