I have Fredo6 Curviloft in Sketchup 2023. The menu isn't showing everything

I have Fredo6 Curviloft in Sketchup 2023. The menu isn’t showing everything.

What is it showing?

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This is all of the menu that is showing.
Curviloft menu

I little more info might help us help you !
What is the menu showing / what isn’t it showing would be a good start…

Did you install the latest versions of that Extension, LibFredo6 and the SketchUcation toolset which includes the licensing stuff ?
After installation did you restart SketchUp ?

Is the Extension licensed ?
Did you validate the license from the Tools submenu item for that Extension ?

There’s much you haven’t told us.
It will be solvable, but help yourself by helping us…

Did you install the Extension properly ?
Did you install SketchUp itself properly by right-clicking its installer’s exe file and using ‘Run as administrator’ ?
You can always do this at anytime [without messing up any current settings etc] and choose ‘Repair’ from the dialog that opens, it will rest permissions properly, which can otherwise lead to weird unpredictable issues…

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I recently bought the Fredo6 licenses.

Curviloft menu

There’s a lot more to the Curviloft toolbar but this all that is visible now.

You have not answered the questions TIG asked. Did you install LibFredo6? Did you install the Sketchucation Extension Store? Did you restart SketchUp after installing them?

Yes to all of those.

Do you have anything selected for Curviloft to work on?

Fix your forum profile.

Yes. It’s working fine again. For 3 days is hasn’t, now it’s working.