Delete Fredo6's Animator clips?

I am new to SketchUp 2017 make and also just starting out with Fredo 6 animator. I would like to start fresh with animator so I would like to delete my existing Films and clips. I just want to follow the instructions step by step when building a clip which doesn’t look like it should now, basically I messed it up.
I believe I figured it out, by creating a new movement I wipe the Slate clean!

You have a Maintenance button in the main palette.

Animator - Maintenance button

When you click on it, it shows all sequences, clips and films that you created.

There is a button Purge All to remove everything.


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Thank you for replying. You are correct I do have a maintenance button. This is a great tool I actually started using SketchUp specifically because of this tool. A new problem has cropped up. When I am creating a new movement and select a group which consists of two groups nested within the objects both translate and rotate. When I back out of animator they stay in their unwanted position. I was thinking it had something to do with group axises but that doesn’t seem to be the case.