Clipping, but only in Fredo6 Animator

I’ve dealt with clipping issues before. Usually, I’ve messed up and left an object far from the origin.
But, I’m seeing clipping only when I’m in Fredo6 Animator clip editor.

When I “temporarily exit to Sketchup”, the clipping is eliminated.

When I click “Back to Animator”, the clipping comes back.

I can’t add the movements I want, because they are not visible due to the clipping.

If I generate a video, it doesn’t have the clipping.

Anybody have an idea on why it clips in Animator (only) and something I could do to eliminate the clipping? I can play with the FOV to improve things, but it has to get very narrow to eliminate the clipping in Animator.

Fredo6 animator clipping

For the records, after examining the model:

  1. The clipping occurs in interactive animation because the model is on a very large scale (the object is close to 800 meter tall).

  2. However, the clipping does NOT occur in the generated video.