Trying to use keyframe animation 2

first time posting here so apologies if i get some things wrong.

i have been using sketchup on and off for about 4 years at a very basic level. i am currently using Stetchup Make version 17.2.2555.

i tried to download Keyframe Animation 2 by Regular Polygon as all the youtube videos i’ve found on animation either use this which seems to do what im after according to the video below, or section planes (which i can do, but is not “complex” enough for the people wanting an animation from me).

this is what im led to believe can be done with keyframe animation 2.

i’ve never used extensions before. so, my questions:

  1. when i try to install, i get the message: “the extension will have the ability to access the filesystem on your computer. do not grant access to this lightly, be sure you trust the author”.
    is this common with all sketchup extensions wanting to access the computers filesystem? i’ve never had an alert like that before on any other game or software i use. if it is common, if this isn’t too stupid a question, what “filesystem” on my computer is it trying to access?

  2. is there any other extension which does the same as Keyframe Animation 2, preferably free if possible, as i use sketchup so infrequently that i dont know what would be worth investing in long term. the basic program is usually enough to wow most middle management who dont know anything about computers.

also, on a separate note, i would like to add my disquiet for sketchup now being cloud based as sketchup free now appears to be, which is why i have stayed with the older Make 17.

many thanks for any help, and apologies for coming across stupid! :smiley:

  1. The message is quite normal. All extensions I’ve installed in the past several years show the same message. Any extension can in principle read or write to your computer’s file system (usually on your hard disk). But they have limited permissions.

I’ve used Keyframe Animation myself, and it worked well for me

  1. You could also try the Fredo6 Animator extension from the SketchUcation Plugin store. It’s free I believe