Animation Keyframe?

Has anyone had experience with Keyframe animation?
I tried a demo and it has crashed sketchup several times.

I tried the demo and created a couple versions of an animation of a car driving through a car was and various pieces of the equipment working. I am seriously considering purchasing it.

I am new to this forum and do not know how to shave the videos I created.

You can copy and paste youtube links, … here directly and they get embedded.

I tried to share links to my animations on DropBox but got a message that the files were not a supported type. They are mp4 videos.

I do not have a youtube link or I would share them that way. Cotty, maybe you or someone else could help me share them.

I don’t have any mp4 videos and I’m not sure how to embed them here. A quick and dirty way would be to save a screencast gif from them, but that’s possibly not the preferred way.

Here are my YouTube videos:

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Was this done with the pro version of keyframe animation?

I used what ever is the trial version. I do not know what you mean by pro version. I am thinking about buying and including a rotating view of the building as well.

Did you mean the Pro version of SU? If so, yes.

no, it was the trial version

Also I am using the full trial version of su 16