[Keyframe Animation] Does it work with SketchUp scenes?


It’ll be me screwing up again, but I am finding it impossible to get Keyframe to work in conjunction with the scenes in a standard Sketchup animation. On each occasion the whole model disappears! I have emailed ‘Regular Polygon’ on this, but it seems I may not get a reply. Is there a good quality tutorial on this extension? The only One I’ve found (the three blocks) is okay, but it is for an old version of Sketchup and doesn’t seem to cover this compatibility issue.


First of all, it is up to you to understand the concept of keyframe animation:

You can also do other search on the web for tutorials.

Such as:

Then, before you go bothering the plugin author, be sure you have read all available documentation.

At the bottom of this page (which itself contains valuable concise feature descriptions):

… are links such as:


Thanks. I have at last sussed it! What was confusing me (still is, slightly) are these ‘tweens’.