Export animation problem

I have created 5 scenes in skup 2015 make using ‘proper animation’ plugin. All 5 scenes work perfectly in skup when I click on play. When I export to video (AVI) it saves but when I play in Media player or VLC player it only shows the first frame of scene1. Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks for looking.

NO. SketchUp’s native animation export is rudimentary. It only animates the camera movements. It will not animate objects moving, nor materials changing.

Morisdov’s old “Proper Animation” was a proof of concept. But it was unfinished. It would need to write it’s own animation exporter.

Cross-Ref: Proper Animation Plugin for SketchUp

Thank you Dan
In that case is there a way of making animations that work?

Maybe you should have a look at Keyframe Animation.

If it plays smoothly in SketchUp you could just screen capture the window as you play the animation. Obviously not ideal, but that way you can at least get a video file of the animation you already have set up.

Thanks for the response guys. Will look into your suggestions.