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I came across this plugin called Proper Animation. What it does, basically, is what we’ve discussed in the previous topic with @DanRathbun. I gave it a try and it’s fairly easy to use. Plus, the animation duration is apparently synced with SketchUp’s scene transition. The only drawback is that unfortunately, it’s impossible to export a proper video animation. Any thoughts on the plugin and its potential? Also, does anyone have any news about updates? It would be great to have a video exporting feature added.


I haven’t tested it, but the documentation says most render programs should be able to export animations. One of the ones mentioned is twilight render, which has a pretty decent free version. You may want to investigate that.

Export animation problem

As discussed in the other development thread, SketchUp’s native animation export is rudimentary. It only animates the camera movements. It will not animate objects moving, nor materials changing.

Morisdov’s old “Proper Animation” was a proof of concept. But it was unfinished. It would need to write it’s own animation exporter.

I can understand his approach, but not sure as I’d myself implement the UI that way. But it’s something to think on …

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