Need Animation Plugin



Hi, I need to make some animation for, furniture assembly with pretty good qualyties, fast and easy

Suggestion for witch plugin can help me

Thanks for your help

Trying to replicate this animation in SketchUp

I don’t think there are many to choose from.

I have used Regular Polygon’s Keyframe Animation successfully. Google to find it - not free, abut $30-40 I think.

Fredo also has one (try Plugin Store?) but I have no experience of it.

More elaborately, there’s Sketchy Physics (older versions of SU only), or its successor MSPhysics, which can handle linkages between components.


Thanks for your suggestion John,

To pay it’s ok for me, it is just I would like to know if someone
already try it or work with it because I see in the plugin suggestion
Keyframe and Propers

I go have a look on Sketchy Physics


I used the Keyframe Animation plugin for a technical video I made about a year ago, which shows nested components moving around (starting about 30 seconds into the video, and continuing for most of it there-after). In the video, the cut-away model components were created “by hand”; the various dissolves between full and cut-aways were done with video editing software, after rendering two versions of a given video segment.

It is a simple-to-use plugin, without much user interface feedback for what you have defined (which is sometimes a limitation). The plugin is tightly coupled to SketchUp’s scenes - component/group positions and attitudes are keyed to scenes, and the plugin interpolates between scene end-states to construct the individual frames.

I have watched most of Fredo6’s videos about his animation plugin, and I’ve downloaded it but not used it for real yet. It looks very impressive.


TDahl I relly appreciated your comment, I will have a look on Fredo6
and try it.

It is nice to see your video

Thanks for your help


Animator (still WIP)


sketch3d_de, Thanks for the information. Big difference.
I go on with MSPhysics


I did this Sketchup Animation using keyframe animation and Animator by FredoSix.
Hope it satisfies your need.