Export video in 2019 pro demo

Hi dear friends of sketchup, I am new in this forum. My first question is :
How can I export a video (sequence of scenes)?
In my version of sketchup (2019 pro demo) I find “Export” “Animation” but the button “Animation” is greyed out, I can not click it . What is to do ?

It sounds like you haven’t created any scenes. To create video export from SketchUp you need to have a sequence of scenes established in your model.

Thanks, that was it. With a scene, “Animation” is highlighted and the export to mp4 works.

Additional question : Do I need the pro version for this feature ?

Full export capabilities are only available in Pro. If you are using it for anything other than a hobby, you’d need to have Pro anyway.

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it is mainly hobby, but I try to do everything perfectly. A small personal problem. :smile:

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I have created a dynamic component, that rotates around the Z - Achses (ANIMATE(“RotZ”,0,360).
The component rotates, that works fine. Now I try to create a scene of this move, but that does not work. In the scene there is no animation.
What is to do ?

The interaction between Dynamic Components and scenes is a one way direction:
You can interact with a DC to goto a scene, but you cannot control a DC by going to a scene.

You can checkout Animator for that:

Thanks, but I’m not sure if I understand you correctly. What do you mean with “interaction”
May be that this way in one direction is ok for me. My intension is, to see the animation as a sequence of scenes and then export it as a mp4 - video.