Can't export animation scene

Unable to create video file. please kindly advise us for fix this issue
we have already download and install update graphics cards but can’t fix the issue


Hard to say, could you share your file with us so at least we could rule that out (or incriminate your file)

Unless someone had the exact same issue, we’ll have to collectively rule possible bugs out.

(to share, simply drag your file to the text area and wait for it to upload)

It’s just a new model on the program that has saying with the video

Have you more than one scene saved in your model. Are the scenes set to be included in the animation?

Untitled 11.skp (86.5 KB)
this is the 2 screen and show on the error message. could you kindly advise us for this case that still can’t expoert the MP4

It worked for me in SU2023. What export options do you have selected? This is what is set on my end.

The resulting MP4.

Have you been able to export animations before? Was SketchUp 2023 installed correctly?

BTW, your video shows you are using 2023 but your profile says 2021. Please update your forum profile.

for this case, i can’t done to exporting .mp4 so if possible could you advise me any plugin for export mp4 for sketchup scene

I don’t know of any extensions that will export mp4 from SketchUp.

I’m trying to help you but you didn’t answer any of my questions.

Since SketchUp 2020, the animation export has used mp4. Once you follow Dave’s settings, you should be getting an mp4 video file.

Answer your question, for my computer that has been test with copy file of our customer that include scene with the error export and export on my pc. it’s can export not show the message failed. and 2023 version i have already install many time from offline installer but cannot exporting too. and our customer has been using with 2023 version. as your setting we have already done all the thing that you advise but didn’d work too. so i will let them try to installed update graphics card and if still doen;t work. i had inform the customer to trying reinstall windows and install again at the lastest step