In need of help to make an mp4 of an animated section


I’m reaching you guys in hope of getting an issue solved or to have some light of what might be happening.

I’m trying to export a video of an animated section, but when I get the video out, the scenes are not displaying properly. They seem to be clogged and the transition is not as smooth as it shows when I preview the animation on “play animation”. I’ll be uploading two videos to compare between a video screenshot of what is supposed to be exported and what is exactly exporting. I could upload the model for further inspection upon request if needed.

I’m also having many other issues with the scenes animation export, like shadows not transitioning as they should, style changes not displaying as they are supposed to display in the transition, etc, but I understand this could be covered in another topic.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Exported video:

Screen recorded video:

there are artefacts on export with the new 3d engine, have you tried with the old one ? in preferences / graphics, you can switch from one to the other.


Oh, I haven’t tried that yet. Will check if it gets fixed.

Yes, that was the issue. Switched to the classic engine and it works nicely.

What a relief. Thank you so much!


yeah, the animation export was made using the old engine, and it looks like the new one still has some issues with the way the images were exported.

it is a good idea this year to switch whenever something weird happens - especially something graphical.
doesn’t mean the new engine is bad, you could just switch to it when you export and use it the rest of the time.

24.1 and later 25 should iron out many of the little things.