Exported animation not going as expected



Dear helpfull community,

I’ve experienced few problems with exporting an Sketchup animation, wich has 49 scenes, style changings and cutted seccion switch. My exported animation what becomes a 1:10min video and is only visible for 20 second and then… All white !
Do I have to change the settings of my styles ?
Are there to much scenes ?
Are there invisible or unreadable styles when exported ?
Please let me know what’s the problem and how I can solve it !
I’ll let my Sketchup drawing beneath if it can helps you understand the problem.
Thanks !!


3D Sketchup Hanggoot met oversteek GIP (2013).skp Animatie bijna klaar .skp (1.9 MB)


Ive encountered the same issues while using earlier versions of SU. I ended up exporting several videos (about 10 scenes each) and then splicing them together with a video editor. I never got to the bottom of why the video wouldn’t export all the scenes.


Maybe a graphic cards issue ? I have exported your file in 25 frame rate full HD and it came out fine.


Hey There !

It was a great idea ! I was on my 22th scene when MikeWayzovski helped me out !!
Thanks a lot to answer !!



Dear Mike,

I’ve had a few poeple telling me that it had something to do with my graphic card and couldn’t do much thing so i’m very happy you helped me out that easily and just posting it !!
Thank you very much !!