The animation did not work Need help



I made 149 scenes and I pressed on export > Video > Avi 720HD
I waited for 4 hours for it to create the video and after the render was over there was no video
I did again and waited for 4 hours again and still there was no video,
I searched my entire pc and couldn’t find it,
What do you think I should do?
Currently i am waiting for the third animation rendering

On the bright side I made a different animation 1 week before that and it worked perfectly, but Im still not sure why doesn’t this one create the video file

Any advice/help will really be appreciated,
Thanks you very much


I would hope that you have saved the model before any export.

Did you go back and set the first scene page to be active, before attempting the export ?

Have you tried one of the other codecs, like MP4 ?


Yes, thankfully the model was saved in a sketchup file with all the scenes
May i ask what do you mean by setting the first scene page to active?

I only need it to render as an uncompressed Avi video file but that doesnt work for me
however an codec 264 mp4 did download so im thinking of converting it to an avi file however i will still lose some quality. the video editing program only accepts avi files
thank you very much


Well normally, one of the scene pages would serve as the starting page for the animation, when running the animation via menu: View > Animation > Play

But perhaps export doesn’t care what page is the current active display page ?
(It was just a passing thought.)

OK, that was just for test.

As a guess, I might think that your system RAM is low. But your forum profile doesn’t mention what your RAM is.

(By the way, I don’t know of any graphics card that can have 500GB of GRAM. Perhaps you mean 500MB ?)

Can your video editing program stitch together still image frames ?
If, so, and you have a SketchUp Pro edition, you can export the image sets as PNG or TIF.


Also, are you using an extension to help the animation exporter ?

Such as this but the SketchUp Team: