Alternative Animation plug in? As AVI ouput at 1080HD never works (2000 frames)

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Really hope I’m not posting in the wrong place.

As 1080HD animation output doesn’t really work with high scene/frame models, I wonder if there are alternative methods of doing this via a plugin?



Can you clarify what you see that “never works”? File not created? Animation corrupt? Etc.?

There are animation extensions for SketchUp, such as Animator by @Fredo6 and Keyframe Animation by Regular Polygon.

Hi TDahl,

Thanks for responding, I have seen your responses in the past to other users, you did mention they ask SU support, which I might do if needed.

MP4 isn’t a problem, but I would prefer uncompressed and so turned to AVI. It will output a model (and many other models) at 480, but never at 780 or 1080. The error message is: nothing at all. It simply shows a counter of the frames completed and then when it finishes them, the dialogue box closes on its own and there is no file present at the known location (Desktop). Something I’ve often observed is how the estimated file size is initially fixed at around 3-4GB, then after a few percent it fluctuates wildly, as show in this video: 2018 05 08 11 11 33 - YouTube

If there were notes to suggest a file size limit, I would be more than happy, but there appears to be few documents concerning the Animation output facility and/or it’s capacity (to my knowledge).

Look forward to your comments, thank you for the extensions, I will most definitely look into them, very much appreciated.

I installed SU via Right click, “Install as Admin”.
I have set my Virtual Memory to 6GB
Neither machine has any problem with any other software, or (other than this) SU in general.

CPU: i7-7700K / E5-1650 v4
RAM: 16GB each
GPU: P2000 / GTX1070

Hi Chris, Thanks for the video. The estimated-size gyrations are amazing! Wow, that’s crazy from nearly zero to 4GB. This is with SketchUp Pro’s native Export > Animation features, I assume? I use the Mac version, which looks somewhat different. I have used SketchUp’s export animation feature quite a number of times to export 1080 HD output in MP4 format. I’m not sure what has been the largest clip in either frame-count or file size, but in terms of running-time the longest I can find now is 2 minutes 45 seconds (at 25 FPS).

You might have to accept MP4, if the AVI exporter is limited or buggy in some manner.

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Why don’t you export to a set of images instead and then convert it to animation. A lot safer, easy to fix, easy to edit if needed and with less artifacts.

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Hi TDahl, You’re very welcome - picture paints, etc. It is peculiar isn’t it, the MP4 only varies slightly and usually stablises fairly quickly. Yes, it’s with SU’s native export → Animation. My last one was 1min 20secs long and consisted of around 40-50 scenes.

It would be a real shame to settle for the MP4, I’ve just had a few issues with it and would prefer the uncompressed to avoid them (Youtube related). Thanks for your comments though, very much appreciated.

Very true, but I just like to reduce the amount of programmes I use and it would be nice if a feature either worked, or at the very least a size limit was documented.

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It can also be limited to the amunt of reaources ypu have in your computer and the complexity of ypur model or style settings. It’s probably not a linear thing and what I do when I have issues is try to find some possible solutions. Having an extra software, probably isn’t something to discard.

Whoops you did. The Extension Warehouse category is for discussion about the EW, it’s issues etc.

IF you wish to discuss extension then the Extensions category is the one.
But this thread seem to more discuss Technical Problems with SketchUp’s native animation export which might below in the Technical Problems > SketchUp sub-category.

If you search that category on “Windows process limits” you may find some old discussions. One you’ll find is …

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