Problems generating a video from a film created with Fredo 6 animator

I am using SketchUp 2017 Make. I have created videos but now it doesn’t complete the task. At approximately 600 frames of 635 frames total the program seems to kick out and does not complete the task. I am able to see the video from frame 1 to approximately 600. My computer is not the most robust. I have included the computer specifications and the two log files that were generated. The CPU was running around 31% and memory at 48%.

FFmpeg_log_mov.txt (2.5 KB) FFmpeg_log_mp4.txt (7.0 KB)

How big is the exported file? You might find it easier to deal with if you split your animation export into two separate files and combine them in your video editor.

The video is 2.27 mb.

Have you tried exporting just half at a time to see if that works?

No, I’ll give that a try. But this has happened with smaller files.

Might be a limitation of the video codec in that older version of SketchUp. Hard to say for sure. You could upgrade to SU2020. The Pro version of SketchUp has a better video export options available.

I think I’ll try reducing the frames/sec from 25 to 20 because I was 600 out of 635 done.

Maybe that’ll work.

When I purchase my computer I showed them the specs for SketchUp free and they said it would work fine but I did not know that the Frido 6 animator was on my horizon. But you are suggesting that it is possibly the 2017 make version that is the problem! I should probably bite the bullet and get the Pro version.

I don’t know for a fact that it’s a problem with 2017 Make. I only know that there are better video export options available with the pro version.

Maybe reducing the frame rate will be adequate for this. If it is, great.

FWIW if you are using SketchUp for your work you definitely need to be using SketchUp Pro.

*I’m retired but try to put in a 12-hour day. I am creating something to help a company but I don’t see how I would be compensated. If they like it the company would benefit. Perhaps I should read sketchup’s fine print but it probably just be easier to get the pro version.

I’ve had to learn SketchUp creating solids and learn how to use the animator. very frustrating when you once were competent on Catia. I never would have made it without this form. When I get frustrated I go outside and do firewood I’m up to 14 cords. Real do appreciate your help and everone else.

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If you aren’t getting paid to do the SketchUp stuff you aren’t using it commercially. But maybe you could convince the company to spring for the license for you.

How much do you do at a time? Sounds like you’ve got enough firewood to keep you unless you’re going to open up a roadside stand. Maybe ask more questions? We’re happy to help.

I bet you’re in pretty good shape after 14 cords of firewood, though.

I heat with firewood, use about 4 cords per year so I sell the excess. I try to do 1 hour/day for exercise. I have 35 acres of land and a 120 Komatsu excavator and a wood splitter that I designed. Consequently I am more productive but you still get lots of exercise. Thanks to SketchUp this will be a banner year.

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@ dennis98290
If you reach the FFmpeg generation, then it means that all frames have been generated.

It’s probably nothing to do with your computer or the version of Sketchup.

The best is to send me the skp file so that I have a look.

Is this the file you are referring to: FFmpeg_log_mp4

I found the file

vedio creation problem.skp (14.0 MB)

You know what I was just out splitting wood and remember that I did not design the wood splitter. I mentioned to a guy at work that I was going to build one and he had a book on design that had it as example. It was a horizontal splitter, they hadn’t invented vertical yet so when it happened I converted to vertical. I did design/build the mechanism that shuts off the ram on the return stroke.

FYI, the Animator extension does not use any video-export services from SketchUp (as far as I know). Animator creates a set of individual still frames, then runs the ffmpeg tool to convert them into a video (with options for which video formats are desired).

The problem seems to be random. my first try with this film I had 635 frames and it seemed to stop processing the frames around 600. I made a second attempt with 687 frames and it made it the whole way.