Animation video too large to produce

I use Sketchup 2018 Pro ver 18 64 bit
My PC setup cannot produce an animation video
I have a large model and am trying to use File-Export-Animation-Video.
The model info shows a size 124837.16KB
When selecting Exporting etc my setup crashes on occasions on others it takes 10 minutes to move from No 1 to 2 of 5209 with an estimated time showing 400:49:52 (is that 400 minutes or hours??)
It is a large landscape housing site with almost 50 houses and associated roads and tress/shrubs.
It has 61 camera scenes which I am trying to turn into a video

Is there any online company who offer to create the video on my behalf.

I am av v infrquent user of Sketchup any advice would be welcome.

You could find someone on Upwork to render it for you!

Hi that is a mighty big file
I recently produced successful videos from a 24MB model which was a large for me. Two minutes of video with shadows would typically take 30minutes @ 720p HD to export. I note your model includes trees and shrubs and these downloaded from the 3D Warehouse can really weigh down your model. Can you try a test export with these on a separate layer which is turned off to see if that works?

Hi Josh.ObJ
What would rendering do to the file.
Thank for your input.

Hi BDDesigns
I was hopeful that the eeenormous file could be workable.

I am wondering if I can ether drastically reduce the file size or v regrettably make the at present single model into numerous reduced area models.

The complexity of the model shouldn’t affect the size of the video file, but it could just be so demanding that it takes a long time. If you did hide all of the suspicious items (trees and bushes can be very demanding), then see if it speeds up.

If you have any video editing software you could also try making copies of the file, and delete lots of scenes. Export scene 1 - 20 from one model, 21-40 in another, and 41-61 in a third model. Then put the three videos together in the video editor.

Thank you Colin
That is a good idea, I will probably save the model in a number of different names and do the animation on each then try to figure out how to stitch the videos together.