Fuzzy Video when Exporting Video Animation

Hello, I have been having a problem with exporting large video animation files for a few years (.mp4, .avi, etc…)

The problem involves the exported video becoming very fuzzy when transitioning between geometry-heavy scenes. The picture clears up after landing on a scene and then gets fuzzy again when traveling to the next scene. I have had this problem on various Mac/Windows laptops and desktops (Pro and Make) for several years. It seems to only be a problem when working with files that are very large. I have tried all export options available. I’ve tried all of the OpenGL preference options. It seems to just be a limitation of Sketchup’s rendering engine. I have attached a screenshot of what the fuzzy video looks like during a transition. Might anyone have any experience with this issue or suggestions on how to fix this?

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What file size are we talking about?

Regarding model size, here’s two examples of models I’ve experienced this problem with this year:

Example One: 31.5MB, 1 group, 1653 component definitions, 40 layers, 16 materials, 2 styles.

Example Two: 331MB, 62 groups, 664 component definitions, 27 layers, 596 materials, 2 styles.

The only fix is to stop engaging in the rat race, meaning, most of the time, the faster computers run, the more you put in. Don’t put to much in.
Render time will always be the same, no matter how much petaflops a computer can run, because people will bloat the file until it has the same lagginess…

Think of what you can see, especially in an animation (Motion Picture).

You should check where your model is situated in relation to the SketchUp model origin, and that there are no outlying extraneous elements that make the model extents very large. When the model size exceeds a mile or two, including the origin, screen artifacts start to happen.

Another thing to check is whether the compression algorithm in your chosen video codec is wreaking havoc. One thing to try could be to export your video or part of it into separate image files, and to compile them into a movie file with some other editor.

Just suggestions

model size: “Window > Model Information > Statistic > Whole Model”

@MikeWayzovski Come now, obesity in SketchUp models is a real issue, affecting thousands of modelers, but many prefer “big boned” over “bloated.” Let’s be kind. =)

If the polygon count is the driving issue for causing a little rendering weight-gain and slow-down, then here are some effective diet/exercise tips for reducing file size and strengthening the rendering: https://goo.gl/T5VbW4

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• SketchUp Help Center : Improving Performance

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