Exported Animation Terrible Quality

Hey there,

I’ve had this problem for as long as I can remember, but never bothered to ask till now. When I export an MP4 file from Sketchup, many times during scene transitions the image will become jagged/torn/grainy, regardless of my export resolution. What do I do? I’d like to get this video out to the client tomorrow but looking professional, of course. I’m having trouble uploading the video but have linked to it in my Dropbox here. In this video it happens at 0:03 and again at 0:11 & 0:19.

Anybody know what’s up?


Other than the tree shadows jumping a bit it played back perfectly even over the web from Dropbox on my iPad.
The video player built into Windows is a POS and will make almost any video look bad, try downloading VLC and playing the video with that or uploading it to YouTube/Vimeo and sending your client a link.

Thanks, Paul. That makes me feel better. I tried it on my iPhone and it still does the shaking/tearing and though not as extreme, it’s still very noticeable. Would like to know if this is a known problem with Sketchup and if anyone’s found a way to solve it without uploading it to youtube (though that’s a good start, so thank you for the idea).

Your machine is trying to play 24 or 30 still images per second, if they are full HD or 4K that’s a lot of data to push around.
I don’t know what compression SU uses, if any, but compressing the video in Handbrake will get you a much smaller file with better playback on all devices.

This video was 20 or so full HD individual renders that I then edited into one file with music and titles in DaVinci Resolve and got a 150Mb file, Handbrake knocked that down to about 12Mb without any noticeable loss.

Looks like the shadow rendering isn’t keeping up with the speed of camera movement. I’d expect this in a complex scene with real time movement, but not with an exported animation where you expect it to take the time to make sure it each frame is actually rendered correctly before moving on. This is pretty disappointing to me, especially with pro software.

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I’m sorry, and with all due respect this isn’t true. Pretty much any computer and mobile phone won’t have issue playing back HD or 4K at 30fps or higher.

Definitely a real bummer. For the price of Sketchup you’d think they’d better develop a basic presentation feature like video exporting. Ugh.

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I wholeheartedly agree. If there is a video export, it should perform better than an afterthought, and produce consistent results reliably regardless of machine. I wonder if a faster machine would produce a different result.