Animations Look Poorly with complex models

Hello everyone,

Sometimes when I export animations with moving section cuts and kind of heavy models, I get these poorly looking frames:

Cattura (1).PNG

Also I noticed the GPU and the CPU never goes at full load when I use SketchUp, at the most they reach about 20% of work load, wich seems weird to me, if the model is heavy and slow to work with, I would assume the hardware should be pushed to the limit.

(The system is powered by an i7 6700, GTX 1070, 16 GB RAM, SSD)

Does anyone know how to fix this issue with animations? Or more in general how to make SketchUp run better being able to fully use the hardware? Or maybe by simplifying the model somehow?

Thanks in advance to anyone who will participate

SketchUp is single threaded, so at the most it can use one CPU core fully, for a 4-core CPU that would amount to 25%.

This looks like video compression artifacts. You can try to improve that by avoiding too fast movements in your animations, upping the fps (you can manually overwrite them to your heart’s content) and the resolution.

Oh I see it now, thanks for clarifying!
I am still perplexed about the GPU though. it seems it doesn’t use much of it neither, even when the model is heavy and performance slows down. From a 3D modeling software I would have expected to have more load on the graphic card

Thank you so much, upping fps and resolution didn’t fix it. But then, thanks to you mentioning the compression artifacts, I thought to try to export the video in not compressed AVI. format, and it worked! Thanks