GPU unit for extra speed?

Hi, as I start to get a better grip on Sketch up and wondering how i ever coped without it, Im starting to take things a little more serious!

I use a macbook pro and an external monitor. Would you recommend an extarl GPU unit to increse the speed of things as already there is a tendency to be slow…or does it come down to the size of components etc and keeping your workspace and clean as possible from heavy imports?


Welcome Paul, a fellow Brit and someone who lives not far from my parents in Sandwich!

It would be a good idea to share a typical drawing with us that has given you difficulty. It is not usually the hardware that is the problem.

Although the graphics have some impact, the total geometry and image/texture load of your model has a much greater effect. Due to the nature of what it does (interactive editing of a model) SketchUp does not in general impose a tremendous load on the graphics. It’s very different from, e.g., a game engine, which needs all the horsepower it can get. Sluggishness in SketchUp results mainly from all the traffic between the CPU and GPU to track your interaction while editing the model. Profiles and Shadows have a significant effect because the CPU has to compute where they should be and then pass that info across to the GPU every time you orbit, pan, zoom, or edit the model.

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Was there this morning with the dog on sandwich bay! Sounds like its probably me clugging up with too much stuff. Ill send a drawing over to get some advice. thanks!

If the model is larger than about 10MB you will need to load it to a sharing site and provide a link here. If it is smaller than that, you can drag-drop a file directly into a reply edit window here on the forum.

If you look at Model Info->Statistics, what edge and face counts does a problem model show?

This is a common thing. Considering your work, it should be easy to think about modeling the way a stage set is built. Only detail what will be seen and don’t waste time, energy, or other resources on unseen detail. In SketchUp model of a theater, for example, use textures instead of geometry if you can. If you are showing the house in your model, maybe the seats don’t really need legs. Think of ways to reduce the model to the bare minimum.

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The single commonest cause of bloating is downloading already bloated components from the Component Warehouse. It’s a useful resource but you have to be very careful with what you download and how much. Here’s a screenshot from the drawing I have just been working on. As you can see the edge and face count is fairly modest. That is what you should be aiming for.

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