How can I make the scenes more fluid?

Hello everyone, I need help since my model is very heavy and I need to make scenes in sketchup, so I could not do it and I am very slow in making each scene, someone can advise me how to fix it, it would be of great help.

See >Windows >Model Info… Animation (list)… Enable scene transition… set time.

then scroll down from… Animation… to… Statistics… and see how many edges/faces your asking your graphics card to handle. . . . . What are we looking at at this level?

While you’re still there… you can see if the Purge Unused button clears up some of the extra clutter sitting around in your model.

Otherwise, consider changing to a Style Setting that is streamlined and NOT high maintenance in terms of the requirements it needs from screen rendering.

If all of above doesn’t get you onto the dance floor with a wily foxtrot then I think you’re going to need to address this by editing back the density of your models geometry… or invest in some heavier computer power.

It’s worth searching out the forum for performance improvement tips as well… I mention those that I remember, but I know there are a few others as well.

Are you exporting your animations? Showing scene transitions on the screen in real-time relies on your graphics card to crunch the numbers fast enough to keep up, if your model is complicated enough it may not be able to. Exporting the animation as a movie takes time but the result will be smooth.