Noisy transitions from scene to scene

Im having troubles with an animation.
I have this model that I’m working on, seems pretty heavy and I guessing that’s whats causing this “bug”. From certain scenes to scenes is showing noisy transitions, but only in the exported result, I’ve tried different resolutions, fps and different PC’s but is still showing this.
Do you have any ideas? Could I get rid of that? I’m I doing something wrong?

Hard to tell without seeing the model but you might look at simplifying the model and the scenes. Changing the style to a fast one (no Profile edges) might help.

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Actually I tried leaving only the default edges and does not help. And I need every single thing on the model to be visible so can’t really clean up the model :(.
This is the model in case you wanna watch it to help me figure out the issue.


Recorrido 3070 2.mp4

Most models can use “cleaning” such as making sure tags are only applied to groups and components and not edges and faces, making sure everything is either in a group or component, purging unused components and materials etc.

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I meant sharing the .skp file.