Animating an extra large model

I have created an excessively large model (80 mb) for a client and we need to animate it for a conference. Does anyone have any tips, tools or extensions that can help make it smooth? The textures disappear and go to wire frame in a live scene change. Are there any 3rd party programs that can take it, we have a Lumion artist on board to see what that can do.


Live scene changes can cause glitches as there’s a lot of information to update in fractions of a second, but if you export the animation ( between tabs) that should not show those artifacts as the system has time to put all those frames and changes together (file/export/animation). That would be Sketchup’s basic animation between scene tabs. If you want items moving around within the frame then you do need an animation plugin and there are a couple including regular polygon keyframe animator($) and Fredo’s animator(free), but again, depends on complexity of animation you need.
Fredo’s can be output with a raw sketchup look or can run through a renderer like Thea if you need more photoreal looks and has a parametric approach.
If you have Lumion at your disposal then it will have far more capabilities in adding moving parts using their assets as well as moving and revealing sketchup items. It will also produce photoreal results.

Do you have a sample view you could share to see what items might need to move, or a sample of an animation you are trying to emulate?


Twin Motion is free until November 2019. You might look at that.

Twin Motion.

But if you have someone to do Lumion, it might be redundant.

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If it is to be a fixed animation, you export the animation to video. Then it will look and play perfectly, no matter how demanding the model is.

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