SketchUp slow even with simple models

Im using sketchup make for a while now and encountered allot of slow response while doing so.

Im using the latest generation i7 from intel with a 980 ti graphics card wich runs every game out there on full settings.

When using sketchup even the most simple drawing i make with sketchy edges ‘marker super fine’ or any other for that matter with some shading in it wil sometimes freeze the program for more then a minute while drawing.

Im getting the feeling the whole hardware acceleration option in there is a freaking joke. With a graphics card like mine i shouldnt have stuttering in moving around in 3d with a few simple components in there using shadow and sketchy edges.

I think the used engine for drawing in 3d is terrible,

Even if you buy a monster machine with the most expensive quadro card and an extreme intel cpu, sketchup manages to bring it down. It simply doesnt use the machines resources and runs very unstable. It also seems that when the program gets stuck for a minute only 1 of the 8 cores is used on the 64bit version. Why is the calculating limited to 1 core? And Why isnt the GPU used more?

I really wonder how trimble can ask so much money for the pro version if it doesnt run at all,

Do you have two graphic cards? It sounds like your system is using the built in one rather than the GTX. Check that sketchup is set to use the correct card, and check that it is actually doing so.
Go to Window/Preferences/Opengl and click the Details button. This shows you which card is being used.
Is your Win 10 an upgrade from an older Os?

Many experienced Pro users manage quite well even on a laptop…even with models of dozens of MBs. It sounds like You’re not using the program very efficiently. I wouldn’t recommend working with any style on at all, other than the default…no sketchy edges, end points or anything else. Styles are for presentation purposes, not for drawing in. Shadows should be off if the model is getting at all complicated. There aren’t many 3D modellers in which you would deliberately choose to actually model in (partial) rendering mode…even if it were possible. Vue d’Esprit maybe, but that’s essentially drag and drop, not a detailed vertex modeller.

It’s true that the inferencing engine does slow things up somewhat; but it’s that same inferencing engine that makes the program such a joy to use.

I have a Titan X and also had this problem.

Shut down sketchup and check your Nvidia properties by rightclicking on the desktop.

Now check if Sketchup 2016 is being handled by your GPU and if not, then there’s your issue.