Sketchup running slow compared to other software

I’m using Sketchup Pro 2022 with Enscape and it’s been incredibly slow compared to other softwares (3dsmax 2023 with vray).
My computer is an MSI Raider GE66, Intel Core i9-12900HK/32GB/1TB SSD/RTX 3070Ti.
It’s slow while navigating and takes a really long time when i select an item. I don’t have any other issues with other softwares.
Is there anything I can do to speed everything up ?

Thanks !

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In most cases when users have this sort of issue the problems stem from the choices made when creating the model. It would help us help you if you share the SketchUp file so we can see how you have the model set up.

It isn’t really right to compare SketchUp to other applications because they do different things and use the hardware differently.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your reply.
I have attached a link with the file. It’s a file that was drawn on autocad, and then modelled and imported from 3ds Max and was originally textured through Vray.

Link to download

I hope it works

There is tons of exposed edges in the model, many of them are not required. Unneeded triangulation. They will work your CPU and GPU hard as you navigate around the model space.

Your model is placed a long way from the origin which also doesn’t help.

After a little more looking I’ll have more to add.

Your model has a lot of totally unnecessary geometry, probably due to the way it was created in another software. Even flat surfaces (tables, pictures on the wall etc.) are triangulated. I’ll see what ThomThom’s CleanUp plugin does to it.

There’s plenty of incorrect tag usage. ALL edges and faces should be created and remain untagged in SketchUp.
Screenshot - 11_13_2023 , 11_33_12 AM

Loads of unused stuff in the model. Don’t hoard unused components or materials.
Screenshot - 11_13_2023 , 11_33_46 AM
That purge reduced the file size by 59%. I expect once all the unneeded edges are cleaned up, it’ll drop a little bit more.

This was the result I got with CleanUp3 but I’d already manually cleaned up a lot of the triangulation manually.
Screenshot - 11_13_2023 , 11_38_04 AM

Wow, thanks for checking it out!

I’m back to using sketchup after years of using 3ds, it looks like i have some homework to do.
Would you advise against importing models from other softwares?

After further cleanup the file is now over 70% smaller than the file you shared.

Generally yes. If you absolutely must use objects created in other programs you should first open them in a separate SketchUp file and clean them up. The same applies to components you might collect from the 3D Warehouse.

As an example, this radiator in your model is very inefficiently created. I started to clean it up by softening edges but decided that’s a waste of time. Better to model a suitable radiator or look in the 3D Warehouse for a much simpler, lighter component.

Here’s the file.

I´m fixing your file right now, I´ll upload it here.

Other things that will help improve performance include:

Turning off Profiles in the Styles Edit tab.
Screenshot - 11_13_2023 , 1_04_21 PM

Working in Monochrome or Shaded but not Shaded with Texture face style.
Screenshot - 11_13_2023 , 1_05_33 PM

Leaving Shadows turned off (you didn’t have them on in this model but shadows add more load to the graphics.

Here it is, it´s 20mb now, I did a lot of clean up. If you´re going to render it’s better to use proxys instead of high poly models, with vray you can even create a proxy from a high poly object if you don’t find the asset in chaos cosmos.

That has made a huge difference, thank you so much.
If I use a proxy instead of a high poly will it render the same ?
Can I also find them on the 3D warehouse ? are proxys just low poly models ?