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I’m using SketchUp Make on a Mac. I want to export a video made using Fredo6 Animator extension.
My understanding is that I have to export an image sequence (series of files with still images) and then convert this into a movie.
QuickTime Pro can do this but unfortunately Apple no longer supports it and it’s unavailable.
iMovie’s maximum frame rate is 10/second. I’d like to use at least 15/second.
I tried ImageJ but it doesn’t function correctly for me.
I don’t have Photoshop.

I don’t have Make available to test so are you saying that you have managed to export the image sequence? If so, the free software ffmpeg could make that into a video for you with your choice of frame rate. If you tell Animator where to find ffmpeg, you can export video directly from Animator. That’s the case in SketchUp Pro anyway, I didn’t know it was different in make.

You can do it from Animator.
You just need to install ffmpeg (basically copy the exe file to the plugin directory), as described in the manual attached (also in the menu of Animator).

Than you can generate the video as MP4, GIF, MOV, etc…

FredoInstructions_ffmpeg_Mac.pdf (491.9 KB)
Instructions_ffmpeg_Win.pdf (512.2 KB)

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Thanks much for the information.
The FFMPEG link you in the pdf documents appears to be expired. I used https://www.ffmpeg.org/ as mentioned by McGordon.

However the folder I downloaded from that page didn’t contain the FFMPEG app. There were a lot of folders and files. The closest thing I found was “ffmpeg.c” so I selected that in the Animator export dialog.

Then when I did the export and reached 100% I selected “Open folder”. It just showed a file sequence. There was no movie file.
Also when I selected “Save and exit” and looked that the location for the file sequence there was nothing… no movie, no file sequence.

What do you think?

I tried a number of different downloads for on ffmpeg.org. Not clear which one is correct. Finally found one that has a document titled simply “ffmpeg” and marked as “exec”. Would like to try it but I think I need to get rid of the one I selected earlier in the Animator dialog ("ffmpeg.c). How can I do this.

You need to download the Build for Windows, which is approximately 54 Mb and is called ffmpeg-20180310-950170b-win64-static.zip.

Then you open the zip file, subfolder bin, and then just extract the file ffmpeg.exe (47 Mb) and put in the Sketchup Plugin folder.

On Mac, use this address: https://evermeet.cx/ffmpeg/ffmpeg-
It contains a unique file ffmpeg. Extract it and put it in the Sketchup Plugin folder.

I was able to download it. But to place it in the Sketchup Plugins folder I needed to “Show Package Contents” for Sketchup. I can’t do this when navigating from the Animator dialog box for generating videos. So I couldn’t place it in the Plugin folder.

Or actually I placed ffmpeg in the Plugins folder but couldn’t point the Animator dialog box at it in that location.

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