Animator export problem

Hi everybody. I have made an opening door animation using the Animator. It works fine in Sketchup Make (2017). I have also placed ffmpeg in the Sketchup/Plugins folder.

When I click the “Generate a video” button and Animator has found the ffmeg, I get this dialog box.

I hit “Generate Video” and all I get is a series of frames pictures!
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance

Sorry. The second image should be this.

ping to @Fredo6

If he doesn’t respond here, you might also consider posting on the sketchucation forum, where Animator is hosted

Do you have the ffmpeg software installed on your computer? It has been a couple of year since I used Animator, but I seem to recall that is necessary.

They said …

… and showed 2 snips of the “Plugins” folder with ffmpeg.exe present.

I’m not sure that this storage location is the correct place for it. I do not think that SketchUp inserts this path into SketchUp’s copy of the environment variable %PATH% (but then I’ve not used Animator so I’m not sure how Fredo determines where the executable is.)

Oops, I missed that!

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In the folder where there is the image sequence, there should a trace log file related to FFmpeg. It is a text file contining the status of execution (FFmpeg is just stitching the images into a video).

Could you have a look or PM it to me.

Here is the file. I gave it plenty of looks but I understood nothing (lol). Thank you very much for your help.
FFmpeg_log_mp4.txt (5.3 KB)

From the trace, it looks like the Left Gate Open.mp4 was generated…

Can you show the dialog right after the generation.

Dialogue after video generation

I click ‘Save and exit’ but I don’t find any video.

Yoy can have the original .skp file to check it out. You will find it at Onedrive link Gate open.skp

Thanks for your help

Hi Freddo6. Any new ideas about my problem?
If the log shows that the video has been generated, then why can’t I find it?
The Animator creates its own folder, named ‘Animator’, where it exports its videos. But I only find sets of rfames in this folder.
I really need your help!

The FFmpeg log file does not show and error, but the screenshot, with the red MP4 button indicates that the file was not generated.

I was myself not able to reproduce the problem and could generate the video.

It might be related to the version of FFmpeg.

  1. Could you take a new model, with a light model where you construct a simple animation. For instance, a cube which you just move. Then generate the video to see if the problem comes from FFmpeg or you Gate Open model.

  2. In case you also get a problem of generation, coud you look at this post and reinstall it. I know some versions of FFmpeg have problems.

I don’t think the problem comes from the fact that you use SU2017.

Also, I noted that your model is quite heavy to manipulate