Export .avi video not working

I recently updated to SU Make 2017. I have a large (~29MB) model with 180 component definitions and 23 scenes. When I tried to export the scenes as an AVI video, it ran through all the scenes and when it got to 100%, the dialog box disappeared - no error message of any kind - but the .avi file was not created in the selected folder. A search of all the subfolders under the user folder on my system doesn’t show any .avi files produced today.

Seems like a bug. Anyone have experience with this? Is there a fix?

I was able to create an .mp4 video, but I was hoping for something uncompressed for higher quality going into the editing process.


New information - I found an avi video that was created at the right time/date, but with the generic name ‘video.avi’. It was located in the \appdata\local\temp folder. It didn’t show any images of my model; it was just 1:54 of this:

Oddly enough, there were two shortcuts on my system with the correct name of the avi I was trying to create. One was in \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent and the other was in \Recent. Both point to an avi file with the correct name in the correct target directory, even though that file does not exist.

This really looks like a bug…

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