Export animation not moving


I have a problem exporting an animation in SU 2016. I am using Keyframe Animation and when I do a preview of the animation in SU there is no problem. But when I export the animation to either a .avi or a .mp4 all I get is a still picture of my model.
I export as: File > Export > Animation > Video.

What am I doing wrong?


You’ve followed these steps to generate the tweens?

I think you you need to read the user’s guide. It covers what you need to do to export an animation.

Make sure you are exporting the “tweened” version of the model. I have used Keyframe Animation and it works just like the video the Cotty posted. As DaveR says, “read the user’s guide”. It really should be pretty straight forward. If you have the Keyframe Animation toolbar turned on, it should be even more straight forward.

Again, one of the key elements is making sure you are trying to create the movie with the “tweened” version of the file.

Thank you for your quick reply.

I managed to make some it work with the tweens, but I have trouble with a section plane?
My movie consits of both a section plane (a slab appearing) and a movement (coloumns put in place), but I can only animate the movement and not the slab appearing. All I get is a still picture of the section plane indicators with the slab in the first part of the movie, and then a rotation in the end of the movie.

If I use the built-in animation I get the reverse problem - A slab appearing, but no movement.

I have a presentation in a week and I would hate not to get the full animation.

Am I doing something wrong or is there a work-around?

Thank you for your help!

My trial version has expires so unfortunately I cannot help you. I did not try a section plane.

One thing I do remember was to make sure you save the position of the object you are moving before the movement and after it. So here is a quick lesson I learned. Suppose that I wanted to animate an object rotating.

  • Go to the keyframe (scene) before the animation and select the object you are going to animate and click the link to save the position of the object.
  • Now make a copy of the keyframe so the object will be saved with its attributes both before and after the animation.
  • Now insert another copy of the keyframe between the two you just created. This will give you the keyframe where you will apply your animation
  • Once you have created all of the keyframes you need for your animation, click the icon (or use the context menu to create the “tweens”
  • Now that you have created all of the “tweens” (keyframes/scenes), use this version of the file to create your movie. If you do not use the “tweens” version of the model you will not see any animation.