Keyframe animation tool bar will not work

The record button on the Keyframe animation tool bar will not work.
The icon beeps but does nothing. However, if I go to pull down menu and use record object it works, sometimes.
Very frustrating.
Any suggestions

You might want to contact the author directly on this. You might also want to go through the instructional material.

You might also check out this thread.

It’s not clear from the site when this extension was last updated and it’s possible that it isn’t updated to work in SU2021. The entry in the Extension Store shows its last update was in November of 2019.

It would help if you edit the title of your thread so it actually refers to the extension and the issue you are having. As it is now, it doesn’t do that at all.

Thank you for the info
I am using SketchUp 21.0.338
Keyframe Animation 2.2.1
This extension may have not been updated for newest sketchUp version and hence the problems.
I have already gone over the overview and looked at the thread.
Going to now contact the author.
Will post when I have new information