Phased Animation


This is my first post so apologies if i am posting this in the wrong section.

I have spent the last two weeks praising and learning how to use SketchUp, it’s a great program.

I will mainly be using the program to create animated construction phases, so that i can show clients the different phases of construction via an animation / video.

Does anyone have any good links to some good animated construction phased videos, as i’d like to show various examples to some of my colleagues and friends.

Thanks in advance for your help.

is this is what you are looking for?

Very cool, I hadn’t seen that example before.

Here is another one…

I think in general there are 2 basic approaches to doing a video sequence like this in SketchUp. One is to use animated sections to reveal new layers or information. There are some really interesting animations you can create with this. You can create multiple simultaneous section animations if appropriate by careful use of grouping.

Another method is to do multiple video exports that show the project in various phases and use some post editing to transition between them. Ie- you’d export the same camera movement sequence, but with the floor slab turned on, then the walls, then with windows… etc… Then in post you have 1 sweeping camera movement and you can transition between the various build stages as you’d like.

This video has some examples more specific to construction details. Jump to :41 seconds and 1:22.


Cool, thanks for this.