Animation Options


Hi, i plan on spending the weekend learning various different animation methods in SU.

I was wondering if someone could point out what options there are, when it comes to animation.

So far i have seen two different types of animation:

01 - Walk through - using various scenes to showcase you model

02 - Sequencing - use the section plane to show your model coming together in different phases

I’d like to explore what options there are for sequence animation. I’d like to be able to show / animate each part / phase of my model from the start, right through to the end.

Is the section plane method, the only way to demonstrate the construction sequence of your model?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi, has anyone anything they could contribute to this… even a plugin… thanks in advance.


I haven’t tried any animation plugins, but seen some on youtube, Keyframe Animation has appeared several times in a search, so maybe you can try with that:


No, you can also set your scenes to save which objects are hidden or visible, so you can also create an animation where your building parts “pile up” to form the completed building. What SketchUp cannot do is make animations where objects move (some movement illusion can be created by placing copies of objects and showing them one by one but that is really quite a tedious way.



Thanks guys.

@anssi if i use hidden and visible objects in my scenes, then the objects will either show on or off and will not fade / animate in, right?

So is section plane is probably the best way to accomplish this, or some plugin?


Hi Guys

Does anyone know how to incorporate sound or a voice with an animation…?


Normally you would edit the animation in Windows Movie Maker or similar to add sounds.


Movie maker does not support mp4 it needs to be converted to another file first, has anyone done this …?


Here is a link for a free video converter. With this you may be able to take the files generated by Movie Maker, etc. and convert those to mp4 or other accepted video formats.


I am a total dummy in movie matters but Movie Maker DOES support mp4 - at least the version I downloaded and installed about a month ago: