Construction sequence animation



I am doing animation for Construction Sequence but still have problem to finish it.

Does anyone have a link or article regarding construction sequence?

Thanks you.


If you would simply tell us your problem, we could probably help you resolve it.

While I don’t know of any videos or articles offhand, searching YouTube for “SketchUp animation” returns 126,000 hits. As for an article, searching the Knowledge Base for “animation” brings us 53 results.

While these references are not specifically for “construction sequence” animation, since there’s really only one kind of animation available in SU, that is, flying from scene to scene in sequence, you should be able to apply whatever you find to your situation.



I have this one if that’s what you are needing:

Have a look and then:

I might add that it’s veeery important to take it step by step from start to end, when making the scenes. It easily gets messed up if you jump between scenes while editing.
Especially when learning it! :smile: (Sorry if you are beyond that point)


Hi Guys,

I have solved the problem. Thank you.


Well, that’s just dandy.

Since you never told us what the problem was, and never told us what the solution was, and consequently, no one but you had an opportunity to learrn anything from this, what exactly was the point of this thread?




When I posted my thread about “Construction Sequence” I have problem to run my animation in sequence. Luckily, PiiL60 posted to me, a tutorial from you tube, and I found an answer in that video.

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