Sketchup Animation Types

Hi there all great sifus and teachers,

After couple of month using sketchup, i decide to make an animation of my product using it,i google and youtubing around for video tutorials. the most animation type is can see is section plane and using ‘animator’ from a third party plugin. so my thinking is that i want to make an animation but the object appear from thin air, gradually from invisible to visible , i cant find animation like that does it exist?

You could try with Fog.
A quick screen grab just zooming in and out through the fog. You can change the depth of the fog between scenes so you wouldn’t need to zoom in and out.


wow you really a life save man

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No worries, glad to help.

White fog and a 3d mouse make for an interesting effect.

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What are you using to compile the video or are you only using Sketchup? Most if not all video editors will have opacity or transition controls.

It’s direct screen grab from sketchup. No editing. I’m assuming you were asking me that @liamk887

No sorry (reply never works for me :disappointed_relieved: ) I meant if OP wanted to have the object static and then fade into view then you can do it in most animation software.

No worries, ignore my comment then.

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