Looking for a developer to help create a custom Component importer

In addition to my other post, I’m looking for a developer to help create a custom Component importer.

I want to assign the code to a custom button using the ‘Custom toolbar’ plugin.

The importer only needs to be very simple and have larger thumbnails than the standard Sketchup importer. It should link to a saved folder and also have sub folders contained within which can be opened (but access to higher level folders should be restricted).

If anyone can help please advise costs.


Take a look at the ready-made solutions. For example, ComponentFinder ComponentFinder – FlexTools

Thanks for the response, actually I do use Flextools already in my daily work and it’s really a great plugin. But I need something simpler with not so many features to use as part of a larger set of extensions so it will have to be custom made.

What should the names of the “Saved Folder” and sub folders be?

Sketch+ from Mindsight Studios has a component finder that I think will work for you. It is a paid extension with a trial period.

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