Shortcut key for importing already created components


Hi everyone.

I wonder is there any way to use shortcut key to import some created component. I don’t want to spend too much time on searching component in the list, I would like to use some shortcuts key for most used components. Is there any plugin or ??


Shortcut keys can only trigger existing Tools and Extensions, so some plugin code would be needed to give the shortcut something to trigger. Seems to me you would need some way to tell the code what you mean by “most used components” in advance of the shortcut.


Well lets say that I would like to have 5-6 components and for each of them I would like to have shortcut key.

If someone knows some similar solution would like to post it here.


It would be technically possible to create a plugin that loads one specific component and then assign a shortcut to call it. I don’t really see why though. Shortcuts are limited and the amount of components almost limitless. What makes these 5-6 components different? How do you know you won’t soon have 15-20 equally special components that you also want to import the same way?

Another solution could be to keep the folder the components are saved to open, and simply drag them into SketchUp when needed. You could also make a collection for them and add them from the Component Browser.


Or add that folder to Favorites in the Components window so you only need to drag the components in from there. Set up the components so their insertion points are properly located to make the components easy to insert.

Creating a plugin so you can create shortcut keys for inserting components seems a bit like reinventing the wheel but your new wheel would be square instead of round.


Thanks for feedback, I know it’s a quite bit “non-sense” request. But mostly I’ve asked becouse, for
me speed of drawing is so important (so anywhere where I can save time would be helpfull) , and while making a drawing I am so focused on that part of drawing where I need just to continue with importing some components soon as I start to search for components my brain lost focus on that part of drawing.


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