How to shortcut a component


I have a question.

Can you make shortcuts for components?

I have a stream deck XL and i want to make shortcuts so i can import instantly components with one push of a button :muscle::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The normaal shortcuts like, Line, Rotate and the basic stuff i have already putt in the stream deck.

Thanks you.

I’m not sure what a “stream deck XL” is but as far as components go, if you’ve saved them into a local collection you can bring them into your model from the components panel in the tray.

I know nothing about Stream Deck XL, but I don’t think that is relevant to your question. The problem is that SketchUp is mostly driven via an interactive GUI, not by commands. For example, to import a component you first go to a source, usually either a local collection or the 3D Warehouse, and there you interactively select the component of interest using the GUI. Then you interactively drag the import onto your model using the cursor and click to place it where you want. I see no way to implement all that via a button press or keyboard shortcut regardless of the device.

The examples you mention involve activating a Tool, following which you use the GUI to do things with that Tool. Importing components doesn’t fit that scenario.


The stream deck is a macro button panel. So you can put everything under a button. It is just a shortkey in a button form.

this is what i wanted. i have a large library of my own components. so I wanted to set each component separately on a button so that I can see my components at a glance and load them into sketchup with the push of the button.

but indeed I do not see the setting that you can assign a component a shortkey

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Because there isn’t a keyboard shortcut for that.

So that’s is the question?

Is there another way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We’ve already given you THE way to do it via the Components panel.

If all you want to do is import the same component every time you poke a button, I imagine you could write a plugin to do that and then assign it a keyboard shortcut in SketchUp and then assign the button on your box to emulate that key stroke. Seems like a pretty limiting thing, though. You can access any component saved in a local collection or in the 3D Warehouse via the Components panel.

Yes i know this :+1:

And that’s what i tought. It needs to be a extension/plugin :wink:

Oke thank you for your help :pray:

I’m curious. What component do you have that is worth tying up a button on your little box? If you use it that frequently, maybe you could just add it to your default template so it’s always in the model.

I work in the events and I make technical drawings. Think of technical floor plans and stage designs. So I have a lot of different components. think of fencing, cabins, scaffolding, lights and tents.

Below you can see small examples

So if I can put all these components on and buttons, I will improve my workflow

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Interesting. So a button for each different component? Have you even tried using the Components panel to bring in these different components?

I will come back to this with some examples.

I have to prepare that so that you understand what I mean and want

I can see how one might write a Ruby extension that would initiate the placement of a specific component from your collection when you press a particular button. But then I think you would either have to use the cursor to choose where to place the component or would have a fixed location that you would have to later change with the Move tool. Either way it doesn’t seem like a lot of work saved vs having the components window open, clicking one, and then interactively placing it in the model - which is how the SketchUp GUI already works.

Maybe there is a way, but it strikes me as driving screws with a hammer because you happen to have a hammer :wink:


first of all, I laugh really hard at this quote


I quickly made a small setup with a small portion of components that I use a lot. see picture.

my components are divided into sub directories. there are 15 in total, so that means that I first have to go to navigation, and then click on my folder that I need. then scroll to find my component.

in itself that is not necessarily time consuming but because I still have the stream deck I want to see if I can improve my workflow.

so hence my question. but if it is not possible then it is no different.

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@DaveR already told you, if you insert them in your default template, there is no more need for digging in folders and subfolders…
Another approach instead of picking everything out of the components panel is to pick it once and making arrays of that first one.
Just a change of workflow i guess.
P.s. good luck with the business! I’m also still waiting for the moment we can go out and build festivals again…

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Thinking a bit sideways, perhaps you can shortcut various subfolders within Explorer then drag and drop the relevant component.

Het was te proberen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: maar dankje, laten we hopen dat 1juli doorgaat en het seizoen kan beginnen

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thanks for your time and suggestions. I will always look for a way to improve the workflow.

thanks again

Try component finder of Flextools, it has anice way of organizing components:

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top! thanks for the tip