Locking Aligns - Remapping

We can use the arrows keys to lock axis, can we remap these keys?

How would you like to remap them, … to do what?

You can change their ‘lock to axis’ functionality to something else like most any other key in Window > Preferences > Shortcut > Add Shortcut …and Assign. You can but I wouldn’t advice you to do so.

I just want to map them to different key presses (e.g. ‘a’, ‘w’, ‘d’ & ‘s’), but I cannot found them listed in the ‘Function’ list.

How would you use these keyboard shortcuts if you could map them?

I have a gaming keyboard which has 5 programmable keys on the left side of the keyboard. The keyboard drivers do not work with Win10 so I unable to re-programme the keys. I want to set 4 of the programmable keys to the arrows keys as this would save me reaching across my keyboard.

I see. So you don’t need to change the assignment of the cursor keys, you want to assign other keys to do the same job.

Yes, only want to change the assignment of the cursor keys. It starting to hurt my shoulder reaching across my keyboard all the time.

Call me weird but I never use the cursor keys, what I do is move the cursor in the blue direction for example, then when I get the blue line I hold the shift key to lock to that axis.
I’m not sure if you can remap the cursor keys function to other keys.

You could use the Shift key for most locking. I do that rather than reach across my keyboard.

If the drivers do not work, then it’s unlikely SketchUp would respond to the keys anyway.

Do you know what the keycodes are for these programmable keys?

[quote=“Thorleyian, post:8, topic:38600”]
Call me weird but I never use the cursor keys, what I do is move the cursor in the blue direction for example, then when I get the blue line I hold the shift key to lock to that axis. …[/quote]
Certainly a good option.
But if SketchUp fails to pick up an axis, then you cannot use [Shift] to lock to this axis.
See this thread at SketchUcation: Issue Inferencing along the Green Axis... • sketchUcation • 1
Read about the blind spot on screen that I noticed and maybe download the model to see if you experience the same. I’m curious about the result.

Thanks, I’ll have a look later when I get chance. Like the questioner I feel the cursor keys to be in a weird position (sort of between left and right hand).

I agree. I’ve very rarely run into the blind spot issue. It would be cool if the cursor keys could be pulled out and moved to the left end.

I use shift so often for locking direction and other functions that the left hand shift key is worn shiny and half the paint is gone. :smiley:

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The reason I prefer the ‘Lock’ over the ‘Shift’ key is I use the 3D Connexion Mouse in my left hand to move around my model (i.e. zooming in/ out or panning left/ right) while the axis is lock.

I wonder if the cursor keys are on the right-hand side of the keyboard is a throwback to the time before the mouse?

That’s probably it.

I have a 3D mouse but don’t use it as I’m so use to keyboard shortcuts and makes me feel like I need three hands.
Can see a new invention here somewhere!

Reminds me. In the closet, I have this very old serial (DB9) joystick, that is small (handle the size of a dime-sized marble) and will stick to the side of a keyboard anywhere with velcro.
It’s called the Suncom ICONtroller.

Still have the retail box (just like in this video,) and it has a nice vinyl zipper carrying case.
Problem is likely no drivers for late model computers.

Anyway, something like this might still be handy for 3D Modeling.

@NZSnowman When you are in the shortcut dialog, and press one of these function keys, what displays in the dialog in lieu of the keypress ?

Many years I reprogrammed the keys for another I program used. The keycode must be store in Bubble memory as it still remembers what I program them to do.

Key L1 = “qw”
Key L2 = “as”
Key L3 = ,
Key L4 = Not programmed
Key L5 = Not programmed

I still rememeber playing Flight Simulator 4.0 :floppy_disk: