Shortcuts missing - is there a file I can import?

I’ve been a long time Sketchup user and have just obtained a new computer at a new job. i have tried with both SKP 2020 and 2022 installs, uninstalled and reinstalled (RClick as Admin) and all times, a heap of critical shortcuts are missing. E.g. arrow keys to lock axis movement, F7 for hidden geometry, ctrl+H etc.

Is this the new norm or is there somewhere i can download and import the .dat shortcut file?

You can export the shortcuts from your previous computer, maybe. The shortcuts are not hardcoded in the program nor are they automatically carried forward. Each version of SketchUp is a stand-alone product. The export feature is located in: Window>preferences>shortcuts. The inferencing is hardcoded in the program, the four arrow keys. The rest will have to be set according to your preferences. Each user has different needs.

OK thanks. Yes i don’t have access to my old computer otherwise i would’ve exported them

It should be reiterated what @RLGL said that inference locking by arrow keys is hard coded into the program, it’s not a shortcut. So if these are not working as expected it indicates there might be something wrong with your install or your keyboard?

Check the num lock on your keyboard

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Hi, yes - i resolved the arrow keys last night. this fancy laptop has an FN lock button i wasn’t familiar with.

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